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$88.00 Released October, 2006

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Good power consumption. Can play high definition content with onboard video.

The Cons:Pci-e graphics cards don't work most of the time, giving "no signal" to displays. Very finicky with RAM. Unstable compared to older or more expensive Asus boards.

The M2NPV-VM is an AM2 MATX motherboard released early in the sockets lifetime and phased out towards 2008. One of the only MATX boards at the time that featured both a DSUB and DVI port, the onboard Nvidia 6150 allowed for acceptable performance and dual monitor support on a system that uses very little power.

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The M2NPV-VM featured very little overclocking support, and very stringent memory requirements, only being able to provide 1.9V to the DIMMs. Signaling a cheapening of the Asus brand, the M2NPV-VM saw many issues - many dead on arrival, flakey, or unstable.


  • supported processors & RAM: AM2 (many later models require the BIOS be updated), 4 x DDR2 800MHz @ 1.8V, see website for list of supported RAM
  • Graphics: onboard Nvidia 6150 (DSUB and DVI connections, HDTV output with bundled module), PCIE 16x support
  • Audio: onboard SoundMAX
  • Storage: 6 x SATA II, 2 x IDE, 1 x Floppy
  • Network connectivity: Gigabit Ethernet
  • External/Internal expansion ports: 2 x Firewire (1 on back pannel), 8 x USB 2.0 (4 on back pannel), 1 x parallel, 2 x serial, 1 x PCIE 16x, 1 x PCIE 1x, 2 x PCI

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    good power consumption

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    can play high definition content with onboard video

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    pci-e graphics cards don't work most of the time, giving "no signal" to displays

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    very finicky with RAM

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    unstable compared to older or more expensive Asus boards

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    hot north and south bridges (southbridge doesn't even have a heatsink)

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    cannot output 1080p

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MSM: #asus_m2npv_vm I have two of these boards, both have problems with PCI-E graphics. Most of the time I get "no signal" from PCI-E graphics. The onboard graphics works fine. Tested with 3 different GPUs (6600GT, 8600GTS, 9500GT). Googling tells that other people have the same problems. Jul 17, 09
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Yale: #asus_m2npv_vm

Upgraded to 1.8V RAM from Corsair and this crap is still unstable at DDR800 (actually running at 703MHz), and not exactly rock solid at DDR667 (603MHz) either.

I must be a masochist because I recently purchased a 780g board from Asus when I promised myself I'd avoid them and try something from Gigabyte.

Jul 2, 09
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Yale: #asus_m2npv_vm If you can even get this now you should probably avoid it unless it's $30 and you're only using it for a media/living room PC. I made the mistake of trusting Asus without reading reviews - my previous A7V8X was completely rock solid for many years before I upgraded to this. Sep 24, 08
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